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Special communication techniques are used by pediatric dentists to maintain a relationship that facilitate the implementation of necessary treatment for each patient. Fear and anxiety are factors that do nothing but grow the concern for a treatment. The extensive experience of our experts in pediatric dentistry is the best way to ensure that children can continue their treatment without major problems. Less painless techniques and the application of different types of anesthesia and conscious sedation can help minimize fear of the smallest in situations that require it. Visit our dental clinics in San Antonio and see for yourself our professionalism.

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Child Dentistry

According to the  American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry  pediatric dentistry treatments have evolved considerably and are not as “scary” for our young patients as they once have been.

The basis of the child’s dental hygiene begins young and habit should be formed such as daily brushing. This is another key point in pediatric dentistry and will help the prevention of tooth decay in baby teeth.

There are several children’s dentistry procedures such as:

  • Fissure sealing and fluoride. Sealants are materials used in children’s dental anatomy intended to soften the crushing surfaces of molars and premolars as well as the pits and fissures of the canines and incisors where the removal of plaque is very complex which makes them surfaces very prone to cavities, especially the first few years after the eruption.
  • The application of fluoride in dentistry. This is  a simple procedure that does not cause discomfort to children. First a gentle cleaning of the surface of the teeth and then applied fluoride gel for 1 minute after that, the child can not eat any food or drink water for 40 minutes, so that its action is more intense.
    Applying fluoride to baby teeth and permanent teeth, is complementary to the positioning of Pit and Fissure sealants while fluoride acts as protecting the tooth surfaces smooth, sealants are introduced into the recesses called pits and fissures, to prevent food debris and bacteria entering them and ruining the  enamel.

In pediatric  dentistry, the  treatment of dental issues  is made ​​by the dentist when any loss from the tooth surface (in baby teeth or permanent teeth) is noticed. This can lead to the  destruction of tooth enamel. Many parents are not sufficiently informed about baby teeth. Procedures in baby teeth are treated the same as in adults (adult teeth).

The tooth decay in children can vary and the decayed tissue can be  rebuilt with the same type of  composite of the original. This  will restore same shape and function of the tooth. Cavities may be needed if necessary. This treatment is done when the decay reaches the nerve.

Another specialty dental treatment is called  Pulpotomy. Pulpotomy is to remove part of the pulp and the tooth nerve material. It is placed together with the remaining nerve and performs the final reconstruction of the piece.

The purpose of the pulpotomy is maintaining healthy root pulp, without clinical or radiological equipment that will cause  pain, tenderness, swelling and the presence of root resorption.There should be no injury to the permanent tooth using this procedure.

Finally, space maintainers are recommended by the dentist after the loss of a baby tooth because of tooth loss in children involves the displacement of adjacent teeth.

When a lost tooth is temporary space closure creates problems for permanent tooth growth and that is why we must place a space maintainer. It is a device that can be fixed or removed as required.

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