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How to Choose a Good Orthodontist

There are many factors to consider when choosing a good orthodontist. Some factors are more important than others .

In general, we suggest that basically take the below into account:

1. Location of the dental clinic or consultation .

The duration of treatment is long , therefore choose an orthodontist who has his dental clinic in a direction close to home or work.

2 . Good service and communication with your orthodontist .

It is important that the orthodontist can explain the problem you have and the way you develop your case. If you can communicate easily , the dentist can answer your doubts and fears.

Also, the dental professional must have a staff  that offers a friendly and quality advice .

In order to understand the language in which your faced during your orthodontic treatment , research on your own prior to the consultation .

3 . Experience and Expertise of Orthodontist

The orthodontist must be a licensed professional and collegiate . It is not enough that the dental professional has completed the degree in dentistry . A dentist with expertise in orthodontics has the necessary credentials. The demands of Orthodontics Associations Colleges can vary from country to country. Find out at the College or Association of their city are eligible to enroll and also requested a list of dentists who are associates.

Unfortunately , a large percentage of orthodontic treatments are being made by people without proper credentials . Some illegally practicing the profession. In most cases the patient is the last to know.
To avoid this, we suggest you consult the College of Dentists in your city.
Preferably choose a professional who has been recommended by a friend who is satisfied with the outcome and also for the treatment of the orthodontist.

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Another important factor is experience. Do not be afraid to ask the orthodontist about courses and techniques you have learned . A professional will not hesitate to give this information.

Note that medicine, the branch of dentistry and orthodontics in particular change quickly. Techniques , appliances and materials that have been used just two years ago are replaced to pass not only to obsolescence , and some are considered dangerous to the health of the patient. Only a professional who stays current may acquire this knowledge.

4 . Orthodontic treatment planning .

Dental health is impossible without a good treatment plan .
Always ask what is the diagnosis and what is the plan that the orthodontist has for you. What are the  materials used , which has the treatment phases , dental problems you may have, treatment time and if the same professional will assist you along all treatment etc. .

You deserve a honest diagnosis of their problems and a plan to address them. Careful planning prevents emergencies. Always choose the professional to fix problems in the long run .

5 . They have financial options

The main reason why patients were delayed  treatment is for the cost. Therefore it is important to have several options when planning to payment. The price of orthodontics vary from one professional to another . Most orthodontists charge an initial amount and the rest in installments , which usually coincide with the period of treatment.
Money is a sensitive issue . Therefore it is important to address this issue directly and honestly from the beginning. There is no doubt that orthodontic treatment is expensive. And it seems that as we invent new materials and techniques the cost rises. Therefore it is important to clarify the reasons , motivations , and values ​​that will help you make the decision to take the services of an orthodontist or dental clinic .

If you want to save on orthodontic treatment , the best recommendation is to take treatment seriously . Follow the dentist recommendations.

On the other hand , you should know that because there is competition within the dental industry . Many times a win to patients and make treatments ” available” the  listed prices low. This lower price is normally dictated by cheaper materials (sometimes recycled ) .

6 . Type of clinic

The relationship you will have with the orthodontist will be determined by the type of dental clinic you choose.

Today there are many options , each with its advantages and disadvantages.

Orthodontists who have their private practice, working in one dental office. If the orthodontist is only dedicated to their specialization , this is the best scenario . The disadvantage is that due to a reduced volume of patients , costs tend to be higher .

If you are considering a dental clinic franchise type . The advantages are mainly in prices. But be careful , because the franchise is also characterized by a high turnover of dentists. This is due to the lack of transparency in payment for carrying cases .

Having different orthodontists to help you may delay appropriate treatment or not achieve the desired results .

7 . Good signs of a dental clinic

A good orthodontist has vested interest in the health of their patients. Especially in regards to prevention .
To be able to study your case they will request X-rays, verify your bite , it will take an “impression ” of your teeth and other means of diagnosis depending on your case . They  also inspect: facial symmetry , palate , tongue , lips, gums , etc. . A good orthodontist will study your case in detail .
A good diagnosis takes time and meticulous attention to detail.

8. Warning Signs in dental clinics

Be alert to clinics that advertise their services in a misleading way . ” Lifetime Warranty ” or ” free cleaning ” or any other offer that is not real . This means they will focus on ” mass production ” rather than to give a quality service . Usually they charge services too  low and should serve more patients , inevitably undermining the quality of treatments.

A dentist or dentist that performs many treatments at once is something to be wary . If the dentist is both orthodontist , implantologist , dental mechanic , etc. . is a warning sign .

Routine use of anesthesia. Patients should not be exposed to unnecessary risks. Although general anesthesia may be needed in some cases, the majority of patients not needed.

There is a small percentage of general dentists, and other allied professionals who have not studied orthodontics, which despite not having specialized orthodontic treatments performed . Needless to say the service you get is bad . If in doubt refer directly to ” Association of Orthodontists” in handling your case .

9. Dental insurance

Insurance is a game in which both patients participate doctors. Please note that dental insurance salesmen can only achieve financial balance when orthodontic treatments do not exceed the ” average price ” . In orthodontics there are no ” average case ” . Each case is different. Unfortunately there are no proper statistics that could assist insurance companies to develop better their price schedules . In short , to choose a good orthodontist is an important decision.

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