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Welcome to 24 Hour Dentist San Antonio Texas. We are here to assist your needs through our impressive and professional dentists. They work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! These dental experts are credible and efficient in treating your chipped or cracked tooth, toothache and the likes! Just call us and we’ll be glad to assist you.


We have a network of skilled dentists that can help you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in the metro San Antonio area. Once you call, a staff will guide you, will answer your needs and find a solution for your concern even if it’s past midnight! Since dental emergencies require immediate help, our staff most likely direct you to the nearest healthcare center for faster solution!


We are proud to say that our company is composed of licensed dentists who can handle our top quality dental facilities. Our suppliers are trustworthy and dependable! They are all pre-screened which ensures 100 percent of satisfaction during your dental visit.


Among the dental services you can relish are:


  • Wide array of cost and insurance options
  • Specialties and patient evaluations
  • Professional dentists near your location and more!


So if you have concerns regarding your teeth, call us at once! Of course, you don’t want any infections to flourish or experience painful swelling for long periods of time, right?



If you’re not aware about your dental health, you can read the following tidbits below.


Normal dentistry is preventive dentistry. This makes dental exams obligatory as part of any preventive dentistry program. Since dental problems are sneaky and painless at times, you won’t detect any signs of dental problems – unless you decide to see a dentist near you. Dental problems are silent killers. Unless they’re severe and serious, you won’t notice them. Since preventive dentistry can help you develop a healthy oral practice, your dentist will always advise you to see them frequently. Remember, preventive dentistry is less expensive than restorative dental therapy.


Checkup and Dental Cleaning is also called prophylaxis. It is advisable every six months to test and detect the signs and symptoms of dental problems, like tooth decay. Prophylaxis is done by a dentist or dental hygienist. They will use special tools for killing food debris, dental tartar and stains.


X-rays may also take place if your cavities cannot be seen with the bare eyes. It can spot cavities between the enamel and under the gum line.


If you need dental assistance, please call us today. Our operators will cater your need whether it’s day or night. Simply call us at the 24 Hour Dentist San Antonio’s hotline – (210) 853-0391!


24 hour dentist san antonio texas

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